Climate Emergency & Circular Economy

Emergency? What emergency?


The UK Government and over half its local authorities have already declared a Climate Emergency. Many officers are writing excellent strategies which have identified the key issues but there aren't many solutions that recognise how to radically change all our systems without collapsing the economy. The Government has called for a 2050 timeline and Extinction Rebellion is demanding 2025 … most local authorities seem to be settling on 2030 with commitments to deliver at speed.


SD21 has created a number of solutions aimed at achieving ambitious outcomes through a holistic approach that can respond to market and policy requirements. The approach includes a joined-up methodology for new skills, reskilling and upskilling through further education, employers and higher education.  It involves connecting with every single business on a county-wide basis to help accelerate the uptake of low carbon and environmentally advantageous products and services and to manage the transition of products, services and technologies that are most vulnerable to a rapid market transition.


Adapt or die


The phrase ‘adapt or die’ has never been meant more literally. The speed at which the public, private and third sector will be required to change is unprecedented. Whilst public awareness of the climate crisis is growing, the counter forces are also trying to undermine efforts to create a cleaner, safer and fairer society. Holistic thinking is essential by aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals to ensure that changes are comprehensive and future-proofed and not just focused on decarbonisation.  


SD21 can cover:


  • local government strategy, planning and implementation

  • business transition (by key sector: construction, manufacturing, retail, services and not for profit)

  • community engagement and Citizens Assemblies

  • easy-access local offsetting and decarbonisation plans

  • skills and society

  • full alignment with SDGs

  • circular economy and deep systemic change


SD21 is led by Sarah Daly who has a combined  30 years' international business strategy, marketing and sustainable development experience. As a sustainable development strategist, she can work with local authorities and/or the business community to co-create successful strategies and engaging and exciting mass transitions. 

Sarah’s extensive UK and international network can ensure the right combination of world-class advocates and experts to deliver on the most demanding of requirements.


“In Climate Response: if it doesn’t seem like an impossibly tough challenge; then it’s not going to create an effective solution.”